About Us

SonGear provides exceptional Christian products via an easy-to-use online marketplace. We bring artisans, authors and artists together with a Christian audience that will resonate with their worldview and products. And we seek to make a difference for Christ by giving a portion of all our revenue to Kingdom-building efforts around the globe.

As is so often the case, the Lord used a redirect to build a vision. Bob Van Zandt had just resigned his job as an IT professional and, really, had no clear next steps in mind other than a sense that God was tugging at his heart to do more for the Kingdom.

In desperate need of some "R and R," Bob decided to travel with his twin two-year-old sons to visit his parents in Tennessee. After spending three weeks away from the corporate environment - no conference calls, email or "daily grind" - he headed for his home in Chicago.

During that ride home, he felt the Lord defining that "next step" in his career and ministry. The idea for a Christian "lifestyle" company began to take shape - one that would provide products that enabled and encouraged believers to share their faith and have daily reminders of the Lord's goodness in their lives.

It was all founded on two phrases - "Life is better with Jesus" and "It's all about grace." Simple enough messages that anyone, young or old, could understand, yet carrying so much weight theologically.

As Bob says, "When things seem to be going bad, when we have challenges, life is ALWAYS better with Jesus. We should praise Him because it truly is through His grace that we have eternal life."

The name "SonGear" truly defines what we want to be - a source of products that bless believers and help them proclaim salvation and hope, through the Son of God.

When we launched, in 2009, there was so much to learn. But Bob had an eagerness and passion to build something meaningful and solid. Growth came quickly - with five thousand Facebook fans in the first four weeks. Of course, that number has now skyrocketed to more than one million people following us. Praise the Lord.

"But the vision remains the same, even as we continue to grow," Bob said. "We are here to be a blessing to you as you witness, to encourage you as you walk with Jesus daily, and to trust God for great things with you."

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