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Human Trafficking

We are called to work toward the end of slavery, victimization and all forms of abuse of other people. Christians continue to be at the forefront of efforts to bring about justice, freedom and peace around the world.


Taking the Good News of Jesus to the “uttermost parts of the earth,” as well as unashamedly proclaiming truth in our culture.

Clean Water

The most basic of all physical needs, clean water has become incredibly scarce in many places on our planet. Often, the way doors open to hear the words of the gospel is by way of caring for people’s physical needs.

Crisis Pregnancy

We are commanded to care for the most vulnerable among us. This is never more true than when it comes to the unborn, the newborn, and pregnant women.


SonGear supports adoption, domestically and internationally, because we know how deeply important it is for children to have the opportunity to be nurtured, blessed and given hope.

Disaster Relief

Christian organizations involved in disaster relief do more than just provide food and shelter. They are involved in the long-term restoration of people’s lives – and point people to our own true refuge.


The Lord has called us to do all we can to help those in need. Medical issues provide opportunity for us to show compassion, and the hope of glory, to those desperately in need.


Too often, hunger has become a political weapon in our world, with the innocent suffering and dying. As God’s people, we are called to provide for the poor, the sick, the suffering and the needy.


In a Christian context, education means not only the basics of learning, but also teaching about the basics of the faith. For many in our world, that is far from reach.