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12 Days Of Christmas Cookbook: 2015 Edition

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In Christians in an Age of Wealth: A Biblical Theology of Stewardship, Craig Blomberg addresses tough questions about the place and purpose of wealth and material possessions in a Christian's life. He points to the goodness of wealth, as God originally designed it, but also surveys the Bible's many warnings against making an idol out of money.So are material possessions a blessing for which we should long? And what are the dangers that the use or abuse of material possessions can produce?Blomberg expounds upon how the sharing of goods and possessions is the key safeguard against both greed and covetousness. He expands on what it means to give generously, even sacrificially, to those who are needier than we are, demonstrating how Christians can participate in God's original good design for abundance and demonstrate the world-altering gospel of Christ.Key Questions:
  • Is there any one key to keeping possessions in their proper, God-intended perspective?
  • Are there limits on how rich we should become or on how poor we should allow others to get?
  • What does a truly Christian economic system look like?
  • How does the Bible's teaching on wealth fit into the gospel?
  • What is the role of tithing in the Christian life?

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