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Adore Hymns Ornaments (Pack of 4)

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Dr. Aaron N. Hartman began work on his seminary degree at Reformed Theological Seminary while practicing medicine in the US Air Force. It was during this time he and his wife, Rebekah, adopted Anna and Abigail out of the Florida foster system, and Dr. Hartman first began to grasp the significance of the doctrine of adoption. Late in 2008, one of his wife's friends, in referencing her own adoption of a child, referred to it as God's "Plan B." In that instant, while playing with Anna, he was seized by the realization that our adoption by God was, in fact, His sovereign plan from the beginning of time; therefore, adopting fatherless children is also nothing less than God's "Plan A."Dr. Hartman spent the following year writing his thesis on the doctrine of adoption. In Adopted: God's "Plan A", he shows how integral this doctrine is to our understanding of the gospel. The call of James 1:27 is for those who have been redeemed and adopted by the Father to reflect his image through care of the orphan. Such a response is grace driven, Gospel proclaiming, and God glorifying.

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