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Brightest and Best, Amish Turns of Time Series, #3

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To marry Gideon Wittmer. That is Ella Hilty's deepest desire. But before Ella can marry Gideon, Ella's 1918 Ohio Amish community finds itself swept up in controversy when government authorities demand Amish children must attend consolidated public schools rather than their one-room schoolhouse.

Englischer and schoolteacher, Margaret Simpson had given up thoughts of marriage years ago, and on the whole, she is content with her peaceful life. But a budding romance and conflict with the neighboring Amish community lead Margaret down a path she never imagined possible.

As the conflict continues, the Amish parents stand their ground against the progressive laws that threaten to erode their culture beyond recognition.

Soon Margaret puts her last change for romance at risk for the only choice her conscience can abide, and all eyes turn to Ella to bring unity between the two communities.

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