Car Mezuzah, Candle, Red

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Shining brass mezuzah with translucent red enamel inset makes a unique gift for the commuter in your life, with raised candle accent and Hebrew lettering. Polished brass glitters in any lighting, adding a richly detailed touch to your car or truck.

2" x .5" brass enameled mezuzah; designed in the Holy Land; travelers gift with prayerful meaning that goes everywhere with them. Hebrew text: Shaddai

Please note: if you would like to print out a scroll to insert into your mezuzah, please click on the Additional Resources link above. Once you open that link, then select Print. It will print out in the right size to fit inside most mezuzahs.

Depending on your computer, it may at first appear that the page is blank until you scroll down, but it will always print in the correct 3.25" size.

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