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Christmas Box - Sprout Box for Kids (ages 4-10)

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Christmas…it's the one time of year that most all families come together and celebrate a season that unites us all. Our schedules are full of parties, concerts and parades and enough awesome food to feed everyone we know. But in the craziness of the holiday life, how do we have meaningful conversations with our kids around the real meaning of Christmas and the amazing reason to celebrate, the birth of Jesus?

Imagine a way that parents (and Grandparents) and kids can all gather around an activity box that uses a puzzle, video, crafts, discussion and story acting to learn more about a Bible story and how it can apply to our lives.

The solution is SproutBox and we are making our special Christmas box available to your family right now. It will help you communicate the real story of Christmas to your kids in an easy way where you don't have to feel like you need to be a teacher or a pastor. All you have to do is experience the turn-key activities in SproutBox and learn as family about the Bible story.

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