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Complete Candlelight Service Set for 125 People

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Enhance the meaning and beauty of church ceremonies and vigils with a candlelight service set. Whether for Christmas Eve, Good Friday, baptismals or to mark a special event in the Church year, a candlelight service draws a congregation together in a special way. This complete candlelight service set for 125 people includes 125 congregation candles with drip guards, 6 medium and 1 large candle. Boxed set with suggestions for usage.


  • Pastor's Candle: One 15" tall and 1" diameter white candle
  • Usher's Candles: Six 9" tall and 5/8" diameter white candles
  • Congregation Candles: 125 5" tall and 0.5" diameter white candles
  • Drip Protectors: Seven 4" diameter and 125 3" diameter stiff paper drip protectors

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