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Why I Believe DVD Set

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What happens when we die? Can miracles be explained? Is there really a God? Answers to questions such as these are as varied as they are confusing, and spring from a variety of mystical belief systems. But the fact is, we can know the truth. There are solid, logical answers to satisfy the heart and mind of those who are seeking. If you or someone you know has genuine questions about issues at the core of human existence, this apologetic series is an excellent resource.

The series includes the following messages:

  • Why I Believe in the Resurrection
  • Why I Believe in Life After Death
  • Why I Believe in the Bible
  • Why I Believe in Creation, Part 1
  • Why I Believe in Creation, Part 2
  • Why I Believe in the God of the Bible

DVD Series is excerpts of the original broadcast suitable for Bible study.

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