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Fourth Grade Super Reading Success (Sylvan Super Workbooks)

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Three books in one, build your child's vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills with this workbook from Sylvan Learning! Full-color pages, activities, games, and worksheets will help your children master fact & opinion, skimming, homophones & homographs, roots, prefixes & suffixes, and reading comprehension exercises.

Answers are easy to check with the "check it!" cut-out section of the page; cut out the answers before working the problems, and check your answers when you're done.if an error is found, correct it! Defined keywords are provided at the beginning of each lesson; sentence completions, crosswords, matching, graphic-type exercises, reading selections, and other types of activities are included. A wide variety of example reading and example situations are included; parents may not appreciate all of them (i.e. streaking, "yucky grown-up food" vs. "tons of soda and chips" etc.) 308 pages, softcover. Grade 4.

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