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Grade 12 History & Geography, Switched-On Schoolhouse

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Give students an understanding of their community, their country, and their world with Switched On Schoolhouse History & Geography. Students will develop an appreciation for God's activity in the history of humanity as interactive lessons teach them about world & American geography; world, American, & religious history; government and citizenship; economics; and social studies.

Grade 12 SOS History & Geography (Government & Economics) students will study government & economics, including international governments, the history of government, the Christian and government, finance, party systems, and more.

Switched-On Schoolhouse Features:
  • The ability to save projects to your computer and upload to the SOS database when finished
  • Automatic grading for 80-95% of student work (parents grade essays, paragraph essays and projects)
  • Multiple reports, from format report cards and transcripts to quick daily activity reports
  • Customizable scheduling and easy re-scheduling
  • Text-to-Speech functionality for students to read along while hearing the text; many audio/video files have written transcripts available as well
  • The ability to create your own course or assignment
  • Alternate quizzes and tests
  • Reading and Activity Logs to track activities and books read
  • Attendance tracking
  • Print capabilities for schoolwork done away from the computer-just enter their answers into SOS once you're at home!

SOS System Requirements: Windows RT and Windows XP are NOT supported. Vista users MUST have Service Pack 2 installed prior to installation. Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 users are strongly recommended to meet the optimal performance requirements. Only English Language versions of Microsoft are supported.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10 Microsoft IE 8 or higher Microsoft IE 8 or higher 1.4 GHz or higher processor; 2 GHz for optimal performance. 1.4 GHz or higher processor; Dual core processor for optimal performance. 1 GB RAM (2GB for 64 bit); 4 GB for optimal performance. 2 GB RAM; 4 GB for optimal performance (2GB for 32 bit) 3 GB Hard Drive Space; 10 GB for optimal performance. 3 GB Hard Drive Space; 10 GB for optimal performance. CD-ROM Drive CD-ROM Drive Adobe Reader Adobe Reader Printer Recommended Printer Recommended 1024 x 768 or higher monitor 1024 x 768 or higher monitor

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