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Is Life Worth Living? (ESV), Pack of 25 Tracts

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Sooner or later in life everyone questions if life is worth it - is it worth living? One of the richest, most powerful and successful men in history asked the same question. In Is Life Worth Living?, Jack Brooks shares his own struggles and how he came to appreciate King Solomon's writings in Ecclesiastes: "He equips me to deal with life as it really is. Wishful thinking does a lot of damage. I don't want to hurtle off the edge of a cliff, thinking it was a stairway to the stars. He (Solomon) was a pessimist about humanity, but an optimist about God. He credited the unseen hand of God for the gifts of good work, good food, good thoughts, and good times (2:24-26). He believed in a final reckoning of good vs. evil (3:1, 12:14). He wrote that it's still better to be good and wise than evil and stupid (8:12-13). A happy marriage is a gift from God (9:9). Each person has an immortal soul which answers to God at death (12:6-7), not transitioning out into an endless loop of cosmic amnesia." Pack of 25 tracts with 3-fold panels. Uses the ESV Bible translation.

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