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Joseph Study Guide with DVD: Waiting on God's Timing, Living in God's Plan

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Michelle McKinney Hammond's 6-session study on the life of Joseph shows how Joseph's personal dreams for his life came to fruition even amidst betrayal, hardship, imprisonment, and slavery. Discover how to make wise choices and trust God's ultimate timing in your own life as you view and discuss these sessions in a small group setting. The study pack includes the DVD and one study guide with discussion questions, video overviews, and daily Bible studies to further your understanding. Sessions include:

  • Session 1: Relationship Reveals Your Purpose (17:00)
  • Session 2: Your Dream Is Greater Than What You Think (16:00)
  • Session 3: Don't Grow Bitter, Grow Better (16:00)
  • Session 4: The Process of Refinement (18:00)
  • Session 5: The Cost of Righteousness (17:00)
  • Session 6: The Key to Promotion (17:00)

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