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The Judas Factor: As Judas Betrayed Christ, America Will Betray Israel

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Our national leaders want to normalize relations with the sworn enemies of Israel. For pastor and author Dwight Jones, this troubling development is a clear signal that America's longstanding friendship with the nation is hanging by a thread.Changes in our American foreign policy led the author to earnestly petition God for clarity and understanding. The words he received were horrifying:"As Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss and sold him to his enemies, so America will betray Israel and sell her to her enemies!" What will happen if America plays the Judas card? Will this bring the wrath of God upon our land? Is there still time for a faithful remnant to emerge? Jones has written The Judas Factor as a prophetic word to America. Readers can follow the author as he treks through the events in the Scriptures, from the Last Supper, through the betrayal of Christ. See what lies ahead for the church as we approach midnight in America.

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