Lifepac-Bible Complete Boxed Set (Grade 1)

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This unique Bible series provides an in-depth academic study of the teachings of both the Old and New testament. The Bible curriculum is considered one of the academic basics. Teaching basic, Biblical truths fundamental to Christianity, seven major themes are covered in most levels of the curriculum:
  • Christian Growth
  • Attributes of God
  • Biblical Literature
  • Special Emphasis
  • Theology
  • Christian Evidences
  • Biblical Geography

    Reading integration is also part of the learning sequence in the Bible LIFEPACS for levels 100-600. The Lifepac provides built-in lesson plans; ensures ease of use for teacher and student; establishes clear objectives; organizes material; teaches critical thinking skills; and integrates biblical concepts. The Lifepac booklet is the basic unit of Alpha and Omega's worktext curriculum. Ten Lifepacs constitute a year's study in one subject. Each Lifepac takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. BIBLE - GRADE 1

  • God created all thingsi
  • God loves his children
  • We can pray
  • God wants you to be good
  • Old Testament Stories
  • God's promise
  • Jesus, our Savior
  • God calls missionaries
  • New Testament stories
  • God gave you many gifts The 1st Grade Bible Boxed Set contains all 10 student worktexts, plus a comprehensive Teacher's Guide.

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