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LIFEPAC Grade 2 Core 4-Subject Set

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Get four basic subjects - - - Math, Language Arts, Science, and History & Geography - - -with this convenient 2nd grade Alpha Omega Lifepac collection.

Perfect for students who flourish in a self-paced, individualized learning format, each consumable Lifepac workbook includes biblically-based lessons, high-interest exercises, reviews, and tests.

This Grade 2 Lifepac Set includes 10 Lifepac Worktexts and 1 Teacher's guide for each of the following subjects:

  • History & Geography: Your Neighbors (Community, Farms & Cities, Japan, Travel)
  • Language Arts: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Composition (decoding, sentences, letters, punctuation, words)
  • Math: Basic Math Skills (Add/Subtract, Carrying, Area, Place Value)
  • Science: God's Creation (Plants, Animals, Senses, Physical Properties, Neighborhood)

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