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Lifepac-Mathematics Complete Boxed Set (Grade 8)

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Repetition, drills, and application exercises ensure mastery of computational skills with Lifepac Math: Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry 2. Students will progress to higher-level cognitive reasoning and analysis as their problem solving ability increases. Lifepac math programs use mastery-based learning along with spiraling review to encourage long-term student success.

Perfect for students who flourish in a self-paced, individualized learning format, each consumable Lifepac combines lessons, exercises, projects, reviews and tests.

This set includes 10 Lifepac Workbooks and the Teacher's Guide. Grade 8. 2014 Edition.

Subjects covered include:

  • The Real Number System
  • Modeling Problems in Integers
  • Modeling Problems with Rational Numbers
  • Proportional reasoning
  • More with Functions
  • Measurement
  • Plane Geometry
  • Measures of Solid Figures
  • Data Analysis
  • Probability

Please Note: This set is part two in a two-part curriculum series, with the first half of the Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry curriculum being completed the preceding year in Grade 7.

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