Lifepac-Mathematics Curriculum (10 Bks) (Grade 2)

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With Math LIFEPAC curriculum, repetition, drill and application ensure mastery of basic computational skills. As problem solving ability increases, students progress to higher-level cognitive reasoning and analyis.

Perfect for students who flourish in a self-paced, individualized learning format, each consumable LIFEPAC combines lessons, exercises, projects, reviews and tests. Individual LIFEPACs are perfect for remediating "learning gaps". Full color illustrations, simple, easy to understand directions and the joy of completing workbooks make this a fun program for second graders.

Grade 2 Workbooks each cover a unique math concept. Subjects include:

  • numbers and words to 99, symbols +,-,=,
  • Add/subtract, even/odd, fractions
  • add with carrying to 10s place, standard measurements
  • numbers/words to 999, graphs
  • add/subtract to 100s place, add fractions
  • subtract with borrowing from 10s place, subtract fractions
  • subtract with borrowing from 10s place, subtract fraction
  • add with carrying to 100s place, rounding and estimation
  • volume, coin conversion, directions N,S,E,W
  • area/square measurement, review

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