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Living In God's Best: Don't Settle for Less

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Are you in a dead-end job? Do you hate going to work? Do you drag through the week because you have to do your job, but you just can't wait for Friday to come? If you don't love what you're doing, and if it doesn't build you up and excite you, then why are you doing it?

If you’re living a life below what you'd prefer, it's because you've accepted it. God made you for something special. He's never created a piece of junk. He's never made a failure. God created people to be unique and to accomplish different purposes. Not everybody's going to do what they’re supposed to do; neither will they do what someone else is to do. God made you special, and your life should count. You ought to be excited about your life and about knowing that you're fulfilling God's call and destiny. Yet many people just settle for less. In Living In God’s Best, Andrew Wommack will teach you how to submit to God and humble yourself and as you do, you will see positive changes come to your life. Living in God's Best is not just a book title – it's a way of life!

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