The Longing in Me

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Sheila Walsh has a simple message on the subject of your longings: Whether you know it or not, all you long for is God. The work of recognizing that may take a lifetime, but the result will be peace, patience, and freedom from the mistakes that have controlled your life.

In The Longing in Me, Sheila tells the story of her first marriage--from the car accident that kicked it off to the silence that followed--and the parallels with her troubled childhood she should have spotted from a long way off. Closely guided by the story of King David, Sheila makes it clear that your longings are rooted in a need for God alone--and when it comes to filling that void, nothing else will ever do.

You can tap the one fountain that will quench your deepest thirst. You can change the way you respond to life's stresses. You can heal from the past and find joy today. Not someday. Today.

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