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Discover the wondrous lives of the Saints who've come before us! This "Christian History: Biographies of Faith Parent Lesson Planner" ties together the featured collection of Master Books resources through a weekly lesson schedule, student worksheets, quizzes & tests, and an answer key. Lesson planner pages are grouped by type, rather than by lesson, so parents can easily remove tests and answer keys.

Students read the pages in the book and then complete each section of the parent lesson planner; each suggested schedule has two lessons that combine reading, worksheets, and vocabulary-building opportunities. Tests are given at regular intervals.

As students read about the lives of Luther, Washington, Newton, and others, they'll gain a new appreciation for how God has inspired the events of history through men.

This planner covers 1 year of history (worth 1 credit). The parent lesson guide is reproducible for homeschool families and small classrooms with under 10 students. Line-listed answer keys. Glossary included. NKJV Scripture used. Grades 7-9.

This kit includes the following books:

  • Christian History: Biographies of Faith Parent Lesson Planner
  • Life of Luther
  • Life of John Knox
  • Life of Andrew Jackson
  • Life of Washington
  • Life of John Newton

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