Cultural Issues Pack, 3 Volumes: Creation/Evolution and the Bible

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Discover the wonders of the created world around you! This "Cultural Issue: Creation/Evolution and the Bible Parent Lesson Planner" ties together and provides academic apologetics lessons for The New Answers Book 1 and The New Answers Book 2 through a weekly lesson schedule, student worksheets, quizzes & tests, and an answer key. Lesson planner pages are grouped by type, rather than by lesson, so parents can easily remove tests and answer keys.

Worksheets include short answer questions that require summarization and critical thinking skills; the book chapter titles and lesson planner day number are on the top of the worksheets for easy assignment tracking.

As students work through the New Answers Book 1 & The New Answers Book 2, they'll will learn how they can either take the Bible as the basis for scientific truth or use ever-changing evolutionary assumptions as the foundation for their biblical and scientific knowledge. Unafraid to take on the tough questions, Ham and the other authors he has assembled eviscerate notions of millions of years, gap theory, dinosaurs turning into birds, and a local flood. Moreover, they give the basic facts behind the Ice Age, distant starlight, carbon-14 and radiometric dating techniques, the supposed proofs for evolution, and more.

This planner covers 1 year of apologetics (worth 1 credit). The parent lesson guide is reproducible for homeschool families and small classrooms with under 10 students. Line-listed answer keys. NKJV Scripture used. Grades 10-12.

This kit includes:

  • Cultural Issues: Creation/Evolution and the Bible Parent Lesson Planner; 205 pages, softcover, three-hole-punched.
  • The New Answers Book 1, 378 pages, softcover
  • The New Answers Book 2, 374 pages, softcover

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