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Master Books-Science Starters: Elementary Physical & Earth Sciences Set (4th - 6th Grade)

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Turn Master Books' Science Starters: Elementary Physical & Earth Science Curriculum into a homeschool science curriculum with this convenient package. Covering 36 weeks of instruction, the parent lesson planner includes quizzes, semester test & final exams, answer keys, and a collection of Master Books resources to tie the curriculum together.

Worksheets and tests include fill in the blank, short answer questions, book page numbers, and day number are on the top of the worksheets for easy assignment tracking.

This planner covers 1 year of science at the recommended schedule of 30-45 minutes per lesson, 2-3 days a week. One book completed per semester is suggested. Line-listed answer keys. NKJV Scripture used. Grades 3-8. Softcover. 90 perforated, three-hole-punched pages.

The Following Resources are included:

  • Parent Lesson Planner
  • The Earth
  • The Earth: Teacher's Guide & Student Journal
  • Forces & Motion
  • Forces & Motion: Student Journal
  • Forces & Motion: Teacher's Guide

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