Studies in World History 2 Pack, 7th-8th Grade, 2 Volumes

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James Stobaugh's Studies in World History course rejects common post-modern approaches to the past and instead takes a firmly Christian stance to history, truth, and knowledge.

A chronological junior high history course (one year curriculum), Volume 2 covers "The New Age to the Modern World (1500 AD-1900 AD)." Chapters focus on the Clash of Cultures, Europe & the Renaissance, Reformation, Revolutions, and more, while examining history, geography, religion, economics, and government systems across the world and through time.

The 34 chapters each have five lessons, one for each day of the school-week. Taking approximately 20-30 minutes each day, lessons include a short reading followed by discussion questions. Some questions are open-ended, while others are comprehension questions derived from the text. Black and white photographs of archival documents or artifacts are included throughout.

Chapters open with a "First Thoughts" section that provides background information and an introduction to the historical period, as well as chapter learning objectives. A sidebox lists important concepts, terms, and theories to be learned; these same words are bolded in the lesson text.

NKJV Scripture used. Jr. High / Grade 8. 34 chapters.

The Teacher's Guide accompanies the student text and includes:

  • A suggested daily schedule for both semesters that is broken down into daily assignments for each week
  • Daily worksheets that exactly reproduce the discussion questions in the textbook, but with additional room to write answers. Days, chapter numbers, and lesson numbers are marked at the top of each worksheet.
  • Two weekly exams for each chapter; one test features fill-in-the-blank questions, while the other features a short answer essay question.
  • Answer key with textbook discussion answers arranged by chapter and lesson; test answers follow.

This kit includes:

  • Student Text, 400 pages with glossary, softcover. Non-consumable text.
  • Teacher's Guide; 300 pages, softcover.

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