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Nativity Set-His Holy Light-10 Piece Wooden (Childrens)

Sold By: SonGear Marketplace

Small wooden nativity set to match the Holy Light Series. Set includes: 3 stained "glass" look panels, 3 Kings, Mary/Joseph/Baby Jesus, Angel, donkey, and shepherd.

Panels: 2 Small: 5 1/4"H X 3"W X 1"D and 1 Large: 6 1/2"H X 4 1/4"W X 1 1/4"D
Wisemen: 3 3/4"H X 2 1/4"W X 1"D
Holy Family: 2 3/4"H X 4"W X 1"D
Angel: 3 3/4"H X 2 1/2"W X 1"D
Donkey: 2"H X 2 1/2"W X 1"D
Shepherd: 3"H X 1 3/4"D

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