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Path To The Cross: Volume 11 (That The World May Know), DVD

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The desert wanderings of the Hebrew people provide a context for better understanding God's great redemptive plan and the life and ministry of Jesus. Some of those will be the focus of your study here so that you will be able to start shaping a picture of Jesus and his world in light of the exodus. See how the Essenes and John the Baptist are linked to the desert experiences; follow Jesus into the desert where he, like Israel, was tested and prepared for his mission to the world; and consider the events of the Last Supper and the night of watching in Gethsemane against the backdrop of the exodus experience. Five sessions include: 1. The Way of the Essenes 2. The Way of John the Baptist 3. Into the Desert to be Tested 4. The Last Passover 5. The Fifth Cup-Our Way of Hope

Formerly known as Faith Lessons.


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