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Reformation Comes Of Age (Spreading Flame V5), DVD

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This episode of The Spreading Flame series takes us to Switzerland and Geneva, the capital of reformed thinking in the sixteenth century. There, the man who stamped his authority on the theology of Protestantism had fled from his native France. If Martin Luther was the one who gave the Reformation birth, John Calvin was the one who gave it growth and stability. We see the progress of the Reformation in England after the death of Henry VIII. We recount the martyrdom of the three immortal reformers--Nicholas Ridley, Hug Latimer and Thomas Cranmer. Even today, 400 years on, their witness unto death is a testimony to faithfulness and honour. The story ends with accounts of two of the most infamous periods in Reformation history--one in Scotland, the other in France. Approx. 80 minutes.

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