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Ruby: A Journey To Lose The First 100 Lbs, DVD

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Take a close look into the real life of Ruby Gettinger, a bubbly and spiritual Southern woman who embarks on a journey to battle the 400 pounds of weight that's killing her. Ruby: A Journey to Lose the First 100 lbs DVD includes six favorite episodes from Season 1, plus over 20 minutes of unaired special features including workouts, diet tips and fashion advice to get you started on your own journey. Ruby has struggled with her weight since she was a child and is now morbidly obese. Over the years, she has lost and gained hundreds of pounds in her seesaw battle of the bulge. Recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Ruby chronicles what may be her last chance to take off hundreds of pounds in an attempt to save her own life. Style has assembled an expert team to help Ruby do it: a trainer, nutritionist, a therapist, and a physician - whatever, and whoever, it takes. Special features include: Six Mini-Workouts, Ruby's Diet Reflections, and Ruby's Fashion Tips.

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