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Seven-Mile Miracle DVD: Experience the Last Words of Christ As Never Before

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Experience the power and meaning of the last words of Christ on location in the Holy Land!

In this seven-session, video-based study, pastor Steven Furtick explores the last words of Christ from the very Holy Land locations where they were first spoken. Standing on the Mount of Olives, in the Garden of Gethsemane, at Golgotha, Furtick unpacks the drama, power, and deeper meaning of Jesus’ final hours before his Crucifixion.

Not only a Bible study, Seven-Mile Miracle provides a time of worship and music at the end of every session, designed to make for an extraordinary experience. Perfect for families, small groups, churches, and individuals.

Session Titles Include:

  • Mile 1: Forgiveness
  • Mile 2: Salvation
  • Mile 3: Relationship
  • Mile 4: Abandonment
  • Mile 5: Distress
  • Mile 6: Triumph
  • Mile 7: Reunion

Approx. 79 total minutes.

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