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Somebody's Daughter DVD and Audio CD

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In Somebody's Daughter you meet five individuals who could be your neighbors. They were looked up to by wives, children, church folk. But porn was secretly eating each of them alive, just like it's eating millions in the world today. Watch—and listen—as three men and a husband and wife share their intensely personal struggle of how pornography crept in an ravaged their lives. This groundbreaking DVD/CD confronts the darkness and lies of this addictive force with compelling honesty and hope. Includes bonus CD featuring original songs, more personal stories, poetry and readings. Approx. 62 minutes.Special Features: DVD
  • Documentary
  • Optional English subtitles (documentary)
  • Four Music Videos: “Never Shake His Hand,” “Losing Ground,” “Somebody’s Daughter”, and “Free”
Bonus CD
  • Nine topic specific songs
  • Personal stories
  • Interviews
  • Readings

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