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Subversive Jesus: An Adventure in Justice, Mercy, and Faithfulness in a Broken World

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Subversive Jesus is the story of one family's experiment in putting the most countercultural teachings of Christ into practice. When Jesus says invite the poor for a meal, Craig and his family welcome homeless friends, local crack addicts, and women from the street corner over for dinner. When Jesus teaches love for enemies, they make homemade cookies and lemonade for the local drug dealers, and none of them show up! This adventure takes Craig's family from the slums of Cambodia to inner-city Canada and back again.

Allow their journey to inspire your own. Allow Jesus to subvert what you think you already know. And you'll find that this book becomes an invitation to say yes to this subversive Jesus and do something courageous with your life--for the sake of justice, mercy, and faithfulness in a broken world.

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