Such Were Some of You

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This documentary video tells the story of how people develop homosexual confusion and how Jesus Christ brings healing from those things that contribute to their same-sex attractions. While being up-front about the lengthy process that many go through, Such Were Some of You uses a “cloud of witnesses” to explore the public to the little-known fact that Jesus Christ can heal anyone from anything while providing grace for the journey.

  • Experts — The documentary begins with people on the street giving their opinions, answered by biblical scholars.
  • Causes — Christian therapist Dr. Julie Hamilton helps us to understand the journey of former homosexuals who describe causes for their same-sex attractions.
  • Lifestyle — Continuing, they describe what the gay lifestyle is really like.
  • Conversion — How they surrendered to Jesus Christ
  • Healing — Finally, these former homosexuals describe breakthrough moments in their ongoing healing process.

This DVD includes English and Spanish versions. Closed captioned. Approx. 130 minutes.

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