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Talk The Talk w/The Duck Man (Spiritual Outdoor Adventures), DVD

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For the Christian outdoors enthusiast, this DVD features three episodes of Jimmy Sites’s popular “Spiritual Outdoor Adventures” television show (“Talk the Talk with the Duck Man,” “Hevi on the Snows,” “One More Day”). Special guests include famous duck hunter Phil Robertson in the swamps of Louisiana, world champion goose caller James Prince on the Katy Prairie in Texas, and Diamond Rio lead singer Marty Roe trout fishing on the Little Red River in the Ozarks of Arkansas. In “Talk the Talk with the Duck Man,” master duck hunter Robertson tells us about the Master of his life. “Hevi on the Snows” finds spiritual analogies in how geese work together and the Bible’s clear teaching about how we must also work together. “One More Day” is an SOA classic, discussing the implica­tions of having only one more day on earth. Other bonus content includes a special “How to Tune Your Bow” demonstra­tion with Matt McPherson from Mathews Bows, Christian testimony from missionary Steve Saint and Mincaye (the Waodani tribesman from Ecuador who killed Saint’s father), and a prayer for salvation led by Sites.

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