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Torah Blessing: Our Jewish Heritage (1 DVD)

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Would you like to see more evidence of the healing power of God and other miracles in your life today?

In this DVD video presentation based on his best-selling book, Larry Huch reveals powerful truths from God's Word about the Jewish roots of Christianity. This incredible revelation will bring the Bible to life as never before as it releases new miracles and blessings into your life, ministry, family, and finances.

By understanding The Torah Blessing, you will:

  • Experience more fruitful ministry.
  • Build deeper relationships.
  • Enrich the spiritual lives of your family.
  • Discover God's will for your life.
  • Be a more effective soulwinner.
  • Fill your life with joy overflowing.

  • "Larry Huch's understanding of God's law from the perspective of God's chosen people will set you at liberty to become more like the One whose face we earnestly seek. "
    —Rod Parsley
    Senior pastor, World Harvest Church

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