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Travel The Road: Complete Season Three, DVD

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Travel The Road: Complete Season 3 is a 3 DVD disc set capturing the dangers and realities of mission work in Africa. Tim Scott and Will Decker deliver a gospel experience that features stunning cinematography and captivating stories. The Journey continues in the heart of Africa and their mission begins on the Zambezi River where they undertake an expedition to locate remote villages while having to navigate daunting jungle rapids and crocodile-infested waters. But their desire to bring the gospel to those in desperate need will soon lead them on a series of risky missions to the worlds most dangerous warzones. From treacherous food drops in Mogandishu, Somalia to intense patroling missions in Darfur, Sudan, they will encounter clan militias, warlords and isolated tribes as they traverse the vast expanse of Africa to deliver the eternal message of hope.

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