Veggie Tales: Larry Boy And The Fib From Outer Space (Summer Sale), DVD

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Uh-oh! Junior Asparagus has just broken his father's prized collectable bowling plate! As Junior wonders what to do, a cute little space alien comes calling. The alien - "Fibrilious Minimus" - advises Junior that a little fib might be just the thing to keep him out of hot water. The lie works like a charm, but Junior notices that his friend is now a little bigger. . . and a lot less cute. With more lies needed to cover up the initial one, Junior soon finds that the alien has become a huge, ugly monster that threatens to devour all of Bumblyburg! There's only one person to call for a job like this: Bumblyburg's resident plunger-headed superhero - Larry-Boy! But can Larry-Boy stop the Fib from Outer Space? Find out in this VeggieTales(R) lesson about telling the truth!

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