Terms and Conditions

First off, our general rule is to do all we can to "just make it right", even if it means we lose money. This business is about advancing God's Kingdom and, with His blessing, to use the money to help out Christian Ministries around the world. People who are more business savvy tell me we should be official about some things regarding our operation and put them in the form of these 'Terms and Conditions'. They are probably right, but it's that part of business that just doesn't feel very "fun".
So with that, here they go --

If for some reason we can't fulfill your order, we will refund your money, completely. Out of our first 5000 orders, this has only happened a couple times, so I don't think it's a big issue. We only declined one order on principle after a customer left us a vulgar voicemail, but we made sure to pray for him as well. I think he was having a really hard time, but the communication channel was just not healthy. It's bad business to decline orders and doesn't do anyone, any good ... so there's a 99.999% chance this will NEVER happen, but it could, which is why we mention it here that we reserve the right to cancel orders. If we do, we'll refund that money as well.

Thank the good Lord for spell checker because I am a horrible speller. I've also made the huge mistake of, accidentally, putting the wrong product description before as well -- a little gift from our friends, Mr. Copy and Paste. I'm a the only person updating the site and, frankly, it's a huge job and product uploads are terribly boring, repetitive work. It's when I'm yawning that I need to stop so I don't make any errors.

That's a long way of saying there could be some slightly incorrect info out there. Again, we'll try everything reasonable to make it right for you in the event the product description indicates you're buying a temporary tattoo, and you end up with a backpack.

We have all the goodies about our return process on our Returns page

That should cover about 99% of any concerns --call if you need any help with something not covered or clear. We'll update this information if we need too, so it could change. Check back if you're ever wondering if it has been changed, because we're not organized enough to remember to send an update, if and when we do change this document..